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Today's your last chance to get HBO for $9.99 a month (if you have Amazon Prime)

that's for the first three months, after which you can cancel or continue at the regular rate.


watch watchmen and more with your hbo subscription, currently just $9.99 per month for your first three months.


I'm a big fan of subscribing to HBO on an as-needed basis, like when a favorite series returns. I'll often sign up for a month or two, then cancel until I'm ready for another binge. Previously I did that via Hulu, but this time I'm returning through Amazon because of this deal: Amazon Prime subscribers can . After that, it returns to the regular rate ($14.99 a month), though you can always cancel if you like. The offer ends today, Feb. 23, so time is running out to take advantage.

if you've never subscribed to hbo through another service, the end result is a bit different than subscribing directly: once you're signed up, you'll find all the hbo content mixed in with all your amazon video content; you can access the former via the latter. but you can also use the various hbo apps if you prefer; you'll just need to .

Don't have an Amazon Prime subscription? The horror! (Honestly, I'd be lost without it.) It affords a wealth of benefits广东棋牌游戏代理加盟, including overnight and two-day shipping on a zillion of items, a couple million songs to stream, oodles of TV shows and movies, discounts at Whole Foods and so on -- plus occasional perks like this one.

now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to enjoy season 10 of curb your enthusiasm. 

Originally published yesterday. Updated with clarification about account access.

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