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Blue Power Ranger Billy Cranston, Ranger Slayer join Lightning Collection

广东棋牌游戏代理加盟exclusive: mighty morphin's blue ranger and the comic book's take on pink ranger kimberly join zeo gold and time force red rangers.

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广东棋牌游戏代理加盟the blue mighty morphin power ranger includes a swappable head that depicts billy, including his glasses.

Sarah Tew/CNET

广东棋牌游戏代理加盟original power ranger billy cranston is joining hasbro's lighting collection of power rangers figures, glasses and all.

the blue power ranger's lighting collection debut includes a swappable head that rocks those glasses, four accessories including his power lance weapon, and an extra set of hands.

The figure is one of four reveals Hasbro made Saturday at the New York Toy Fair. The unveilings also include the pink Ranger Slayer from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, Time Force Red Ranger Wesley Collins and Zeo Gold featuring the likeness of Trey of Triforia (the Jason Scott version of Zeo Gold came out last summer).


ranger slayer rocks a three-arrowed bow and other weapons.

Sarah Tew/CNET

ranger slayer doesn't have a swappable human head but does include her three-arrowed bow of darkness. though ranger slayer is kimberly hart, most famous for being the pink ranger on the mighty morphin team, this version from the comics is from a universe where she's initially brainwashed by the villainous lord drakkon.


time force red ranger wesley collins. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

the time force red ranger does have a swappable head, which features wesley collins, along with his chrono saber and chrono blaster accessories.


广东棋牌游戏代理加盟the zeo gold power ranger, featuring trey of triforia.


广东棋牌游戏代理加盟and the zeo gold ranger featuring trey includes the character's power staff, a swappable head and an extra pair of hands. what it doesn't do is split into three different personalities that look like three separate people, .

广东棋牌游戏代理加盟all these figures stand at 6-inches and cost $20. these rangers are expected to hit shelves this summer, with preorders opening on hasbro pulse and other retailers saturday.

These Power Ranger figures are among the many toys revealed this weekend as part of Toy Fair, which so far include a Tesla Cybertruck from Hot Wheels, many Baby Yoda toys and a kitchen set that works with Alexa devices.

Need to catch up on all the Power Ranger shows these figures came from? Check out this explainer on every Power Ranger series.

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