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Star Wars Retro Collection throws back to The Empire Strikes Back

exclusive: yoda with a snake, leia on hoth and more.


the star wars retro collection featuring the empire strikes back.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Hasbro's Star Wars广东棋牌游戏代理加盟 Retro Collection is dipping into The Empire Strikes Back with a line of action figures featuring Yoda, Leia, Luke, Lando and more as they appeared in the 1980 film. These figures were revealed Saturday on the kickoff of the New York Toy Fair.

the 3.75-inch figures are $10 each and are set to hit stores this summer. the figures in the retro collection are reissues of toys released long ago, but using today's technology to get more details into them. some of the toys are also brand new but created in a similar style.


yoda lived on a swamp planet during the empire strikes back, and perhaps he was fond of this snake.

Sarah Tew/CNET

each one includes little details about where each character is in the film, including lando with his blue cape as well as both han solo and leia in outfits meant for hoth. yoda is seen wearing a species of snake that was likely on the swamp planet where the elder jedi lived.

other figures unveiled for the retro collection include boba fett and luke as he's seen on bespin.


广东棋牌游戏代理加盟lando rocks his blue cape in the retro collection.

Sarah Tew/CNET

in addition to the figures, the retro collection is bringing back the hoth ice planet adventure board game. the game was first released in 1980 in time with the film, and this new release will include an exclusive snow speeder action figure. players traverse the ice planet in hopes of becoming a jedi and battling darth vader. the game costs $25 and is scheduled to go on sale in late april.

These Star Wars reveals are among the many toy unveilings made this weekend as part of Toy Fair. So far they include a Tesla Cybertruck from Hot Wheels, many Baby Yoda toys and a kitchen set that works with Alexa devices.

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